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Content Marketing Done Right

It's crowded online and it feels as if the only way to get seen is to "pay-to-play", but ads get expensive. And my friend, throwing your money to "boost a post" while crossing your fingers isn't the marketing strategy you deserve.

Whether you are a blogger or small business, the truth is, your website should be bringing you in an extra $100, $500 or even $1,000 dollars a month. Those blog posts you've written? They should be growing your email list by hundreds of new subscribers each month, selling your products and creating a community of passionate fans around your brand.

And want in a secret? You can do all that just by landing higher within the search results and mastering your online presence.

But I get it. It feels too competitive and you're being told left, right and center that you should "post more", "go live more" and now you're burnt out. Well, what if I told you that learning to master your search engine presence is not only do-able, it's also easy and won't take up any extra time.

Finally, your content is going to be working for you by bringing in sales, leads and brand fans!

Does this sound like you?

✖ You're burnt out from trying to get your stuff seen and you're beginning to think that this whole online biz thing just isn't for you

✖ Your email list is growing at a snail's pace and you just don't know how to find people who actually want to subscribe

✖ You're tired of only getting traffic to your website if you are online promoting (and you might not even be getting much traffic to begin with)

✖ You're done with listening to the "gurus" talk about how easy this whole online biz/blogging thing is


 If you nodded your head along to any (or all) of the above points, welcome! You are in the right spot!

Imagine being able to:

✔ attract your dream clients and readers who are lining up to buy your services, consume your content and sign up for your email list.

✔ take a couple days off and see your email list grow and products being sold, even without you being online 24/7. Because #familytime is more important than being online all the time!

✔ write content that converts and not worry about sounding icky and "sale-sy" (because you'll be a rockstar at writing blog posts that your audience wants to take action on).


your content marketing should be earning you sales

People are Googling queries to try and find the products and services you are offering because they want to hire you, the only problem? You aren't showing up in the search results, your dream customers aren't finding you, and you aren't making as many sales, gaining as many email subscribers or driving as much traffic to your website as you should be.

Which is why you need The Savvy in SEO Society!

The only membership-group of its kind which will provide you with a holistic approach to your Search Engine Optimization. Everything from finding the right keywords to rank your website for, to building up a brand that is seen as an authority in your niche.

But don't just take my word for it...

Jane Davidson2

Since taking Dana's course I have had two brands reach out to me and offer collaborations, something that has never happened before! I am usually the one reaching out.

"Before taking Savvy in SEO I thought that I was doing "okay" at optimizing my site. I felt like I was doing the best I could without being a professional and not even really knowing what else I could do! Taking Savvy in SEO was such an eye opening experience! I had no idea how much I didn't know! But, now I have a useable game plan that I can actually stick to and help my site grow.

Since taking Dana's course I have had two brands reach out to me and offer collaborations, something that has never happened before! I am usually the one reaching out."

Jane @ Typically Jane


It was like someone was telling me the simple secrets to get on that first page of Google!

"Before enrolling in Savvy in SEO, I didn't even know what SEO stood for. I was nervous it was going to be confusing website jargon that an average jane like myself would find difficult to understand, but it wasn't at all. It all made sense and I was so happy to learn better ways to set up my web page, like someone was telling me the simple secrets to get on that first page of Google.

This course has given me the tools to increase my SEO all on my own without hiring someone to do it for me. I liked that it wasn't overly time consuming, and that everything was new information yet easy to understand and follow. Savvy in SEO does a great job of taking you step by step through the process of improving your SEO through videos, audio, and worksheets.

Since taking Savvy in SEO, new purchasing inquiries have listed that they found me on Google where usually it's always Instagram or word of mouth! I am also gaining more inquiries from stores outside of the city I am located in!"

Holly @ Milk Jar Candle Co

It's time you stop trying to patch together your online marketing plan

 and finally put one together that will work!


Meet your mentor and newest gal-pal

I'm Dana! A web designer and SEO copywriter who always has a cup of tea in one hand, and a pen and paper in the other. I believe that all your hard work online should pay off. You shouldn't have to spend hours of your day promoting on social media when you can have free traffic pouring in from Google with absolutely no ads.

I've helped hundreds of bloggers and small business owners understand how they can use the power of SEO and online marketing to explode their businesses and it's time you get in on the action.

I want to teach you the exact same strategies I've implemented to draw in over 30,000 visitors to my site each month which results in new clients, email subscribers and affiliate income all on auto-pilot.


Learn SEO from A-Z!

Here's what your all-encompassing membership includes:

SEO Training (4 Modules, 17 Lessons) 

You'll unlock my cornerstone course to begin acquiring targeted traffic from Google that is ready to sign up for your email list and buy your products. You'll learn my step-by-step method to bring in thousands of visitors to your website. We'll be covering everything from figuring out what keywords are going to send you the most traffic to optimizing your website all by yourself (no coding required).

Updated Video Library

Online marketing changes fast, which is why it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The updated video library will always have the latest information so you know the tactics you need to be using.

Free E-Books

You're going to get my two top-selling e-books for free when you sign up for The Savvy in SEO Society! You'll receive over 100 pages chock-full of information on DIY branding (you'll uncover my secrets for building high-value brands for my clients so you can do the same thing to your brand) and everything you need to know about earning an income through your website. You can download these e-books from the moment you sign up and keep them forever (even if you choose to pause or cancel your membership).

Monthly Workshops

Running a successful online business goes beyond SEO and you know that, which is why each month, you're going to have exclusive access to workshops, ranging in topics to help you market your business and blog the right away. From growing your Instagram to figuring out how to run a successful Facebook group, we're going to be covering it all so that you are a well-rounded online marketing expert!

Monthly Challenges

We'll keep things fun by running monthly challenges that are meant to help you grow your business and blog in an easy way, where you can meet others, stay accountable and grow your business like never before!

Packages, Freebies, Deals & More

As we grow, you will have access to special workbooks, packages, exclusive deals and freebies that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Nobody (not even my email list) will have access to any of these. It's all just for you.

Monthly Q&A

Your Q's, my A's. Each month, we will do an intimate Q&A session where we can sit and have some virtual coffee/tea  (or wine, depending on your timezone) all together where I'll be answering your questions.

A Supportive, Private Community

Let's face it - running an online biz/blog can be lonely. Friends and family sometimes don't understand what you do or even consider it a real job. The Savvy in SEO Society will provide you with a community full of smart and like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world who understand exactly what it is you are going through.

SEO course worksheets mockup

You're probably thinking

"SEO is too complicated and I'd rather have Instagram followers!"

Who says you can't have both?! While Google is supplying you with all that free traffic, you'll be able to grow your social media accounts at the same time. It's a win/win!

More stories of success

josie seo

Savvy in SEO gave me the confidence to feel like a true player in the blogging world!

"SEO was always something that was a mystery to me. I knew what it stood for and the general idea, but I had no idea how to use it to my benefit.

After taking Savvy in SEO, not only did I get a great understanding about SEO, but I was able to learn multiple ways to help boost my SEO, and how to track my progress! I loved the way that Dana walked me through everything step by step; nothing seemed too daunting of a task.

If you would have told me before taking Savvy in SEO that afterwards I would know about backlinks, DA, how to boost my SEO and how to use keyword searches for my content AND use Google Analytics to my benefit (you know, instead of just looking at it and being all like hmm... that's interesting), I'd say you were nuts. But Savvy in SEO really helped with all of those things and more!

Savvy in SEO is invaluable to me because not only was I able to take away actionable tasks to improve my DA and SEO, it gave me the confidence to feel like a true player in the blogging world and not a poser!"

Josie @ Joys of Josie


Dana made something that I thought was "big and scary" into something that was easy to understand and actually fun!

"Before taking Savvy in SEO, I didn't know much about SEO and was intimidated by what I imagined it could be. I always knew how important good SEO was for your business, but I had no idea where to start so I just never did.

Dana literally walked me through step by step on which parts of my site to click, what websites to use, and gave me practical examples that helped me put the topics into context for me to understand better! She made something that I thought was "big and scary" into something that was easy to understand and actually fun!

Savvy in SEO is an excellent tool to help educate you on not only the importance of SEO, but practical ways you can implement and utilize it to help increase your presence online and in search engines!"

Jill @ Jillian Miller Photography


Savvy in SEO goes beyond the basics and gave me real life resources to use and implement!

Before Savvy in SEO, I did not feel good about SEO. I found it confusing and frustrating and extremely difficult to understand, let alone implement. By taking Savvy in SEO I was hoping to learn to speak the “SEO language” and learn the best ways to implement it on my blog.

While SEO is a difficult subject, I appreciated that the course held my hand through the process and gave me a variety of resources. Savvy in SEO goes beyond the basics and gave me real life resources to use and implement!

Mallory @ My Big Yellow Couch


Cancel at Any Time

(even though you won't want to)

There's no commitment or monthly-minimum with The Savvy in SEO Society. You are in control of how much you'd like to earn and when you'd like to opt-out!

Your Free Trial Includes it All!

3 Day Free Trial

  • Cancel at ANY time
  • Access to my premium Savvy in SEO course (Value: $147)
  • 17 video recorded lessons
  • 12 educational worksheets & PDF's to really help you apply your new knowledge
  • EXCLUSIVE SEO brand voice quiz
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Q&A's (Value: $600)
  • Access to ALL bonuses and extra content
  • SEO Audit by Dana Nicole of one (1) piece of content (max 1,000 words) (Value: $50)
  • Brand & Style e-book (Value: $18.99)
  • Pennies to Profit e-book (Value: $18.99)
  • Monthly Workshops (Value $2,400)
  • Special Freebies, Discounts and MUCH More!
  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,234.98


Wait, is this a course or a membership? The Savvy in SEO Society is a membership community where you will have access to my cornerstone course, plus all the great workshops each month, updated videos, Q&A sessions and SO much more!

Courses are easily outdated in this day and age. Online marketing changes fast and you need something that is continually being updated to help you learn and grow. The Savvy in SEO Society combines the best of both worlds with a course and a membership program!

How many months do I need to register for? There is no minimum amount of months! You can cancel your membership at any time, no strings attached (although, I think you're going to love The Society and all it has to offer)!

How fast can I see results? I'm all about honesty. SEO and marketing isn't a "bandaid" or quick fix solution (nothing is). But knowing how online marketing works is going to give you an edge-up and get you started in the right direction so that in six months from now, you'll be able to see all your hard work paying off.

Will I need to buy any fancy software for this? Nope! All the tools we will be using in the Savvy in SEO Society are completely FREE! We will often have special discounts and deals exclusively for our members, but those are extra perks and are not requirements 🙂

How long do I get access? As long as you want! You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

Do I need to sell a product for this to be beneficial? No ma'am! This is for anyone with a website - whether they be a blogger or an online business owner!